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My Story

I’m a former member of the RAF Police and am currently a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Advisor. I have a Diploma (NCRQ Level 6) in Health & Safety and am qualified to give training in first aid, fire safety and manual handling (amongst others).

As a voice over, I am professionally trained through Gravy For The Brain and Voice Over Network. My clients thus far (to name a few) include company videos, museums, amateur dramatic societies, online radio stations, and answering machine messages.

My mature, warm, welcoming, earthy, gruff, yet calming and authoritative voice has a Scottish lilt, but can be polished up and I have a good range. My low voice normally which lends to maturity, wisdom, and integrity, but I’m able to reach falsetto when on the karaoke, so it has the range to adapt to suit your needs. I can have a sunny, friendly, approachable, and relatable voice, or be military disciplined instructor. Being ex-service, I’m used to taking direction and having travelled, I can cover a variety of accents, together with RP.

I have my own sound booth at home, and I can deliver your needs in a format of your choice.

How does this help you?​

I have experience in demanding, high-pressure and ever-changing situations whilst maintaining a calm and professional manner, so I can cope well in live or fluid environments. (Walked the walk).

I have experience in providing a variety of training packages, so I can give that sound of confidence and assurance. (Talked the talk).

Trained in ISO:9001 and coming from such professional backgrounds, I am committed to delivering you a professional, top quality, audibly assuring service. (Tested and approved).


What now?

Please feel free to listen to my demos, check the equipment I use and check out the testimonials.

If you’d like to ask anything or discuss how I can help, you can use my contact page, email, or call me.

I look forward to reading / hearing from you. Thanks and take care.

Need Advice or ready to discuss a project?​

Please feel free to reach out for a chat. Always happy to discuss your project.

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